“I don’t look at the pictures now, why would I go through all this trouble? I still won’t look at them on my computer.”

I’ve heard this over and over again.

I can tell you right now, that could not be farther from reality. When your photos are digital, you will look at them all the time!

How much time do you spend in front of a screen? Computer at work, computer at home, tablet, phone, television…a recent study found that Americans spend an average of 7.4 hours looking at a screen! I’m not trying to shame anyone for their screen time. Heck, I’m definitely above that average every day. 🙂

Often we turn to a device because when waiting in traffic, waiting for an appointment, waiting for a message.

We look at screens because through them we access things that are important to us. Let’s make your family photo collection, which you obviously care about, as conveniently accessible as checking Facebook!

Photo albums often end up in closets, attics, or garages. They are literally shelved, and for most of us out of sight means out of mind. The next time you’re having a bad day, you can relive your favorite vacation, or a special moment with your family. Is there anything better to keep front and center in our mind than happy experiences from our past that we can revisit through our pictures?

Having our photos accessible goes deeper than simply brightening our mood for a few moments. Reminiscence therapy is a type of treatment where one revisits past memories, often with the aid of photos or journals. It improves mental health and coping ability, and helps with depression and dementia. Telling children stories about their family’s challenges and successes helps them learn to handle stress – what better way to tell those stories than with photos? Continuity of a family narrative helps every member find purpose and meaning in their life. Your photos do all of this. 

Looking at your photos and reliving memories is good for you! Bring your photos into the 21st century by digitizing them and make them come alive.