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It can be really overwhelming to think about your family photos. Let’s protect them so your family story always has a happy ending.

Your photos are irreplaceable

Let’s work together to make sure your cherished memories are safe

Hi there, I'm Sabrina Hughes and I'm the protector and guardian of your family's memories

Hi there, I'm Sabrina Hughes and I'm the protector and guardian of your family's memories

None of us likes to imagine the unthinkable—all of our photographs gone in a flood or fire. Or the loss of all of our decades of digital photos in a hard drive crash. But it happens every day. Maybe it’s happened to you?

I’ve been working in the photo industry for nearly two decades. I’ve worked in world-renown museums where I learned to care for photographs, curated exhibitions, and made the history of photography come alive.Now I bring that thoughtfulness and care to help my clients preserve their photos.

Our photo memories require active attention to ensure that they are around for the future. I know the best practices for ensuring your photos tell your family’s story for years to come. I can help you achieve the peace of mind that your photo memories and family stories will be safe, backed up, and able to be enjoyed by future family members.

Check out the two resources I have below and start working on your photo archive today. 


Free Video Course

You can start protecting your family memories TODAY with my free quickstart video course Photo Archiving 101

Free Masterclass

Free 40-minute video course and workbook that will change your perspective on your family photos!

Free Roadmap

Free roadmap that will coach you through any conversation with a digitizing contractor.

ebook to help you organize your digital photos

Digital photos promise convenience and instant accessibility, but they still need to be organized and archived just as prints would. Keeping up with the seemingly endless flood of digital photos from our phones, cameras, tablets, and other devices can be daunting!

In this book, I outline simple steps that, when followed regularly, will help you manage your digital images regardless of how many devices you use to take pictures. When you’ve followed these steps, your digital photo files will be tidy and navigable!

Click the image for your copy.

Take care of your photo memories

Digital or printed, new or vintage, 2019 or 1919

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