Elder stories

The simplest way to connect with our family stories and past generations is to start a conversation with your older living relatives.

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Family myths

Photos illustrate our own personal mythology. We may not readily think of the term mythology as relating to our personal or family stories. More likely, you think of the capital-m Myths, like the Greek Pantheon, or other historical stories that have informed the beliefs and rituals of entire cultures. Or maybe you think of a myth as a fairy- or tall-tale. Myth can also mean a story about our traditions or ancestral origins, which though possibly far removed from our experience, are not at all false.

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Photo stories

Do you ever notice how photographs often lead to the telling of a story? The action of showing someone a photograph almost always starts off a story not just about whatever is evident in the picture, but also what else had happened that day, who was there (and maybe out of frame), and even what the storyteller was feeling at that very moment. 

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