This week marks a year (!) since I took the leap and started my work with photoxo full time. So naturally I’ve been looking back at the past year… and I noticed my blog hasn’t been updated since August! It’s not for lack of desire, or even of things to write about. I’ve been a busy gal. My client work load absolutely exploded during the latter half of 2015.


If you follow photoxo on Facebook, you may see me occasionally posting what I’m working on that day. If I did it every day, it would mostly say “Today I’m scanning printed photos.” That is the bulk of my business (and what I love the most). But I’ve done a lot more than scanning, especially in the last 6 months.


FL landscape


I digitized a memory book that was given as a 60th anniversary gift to a special couple by their daughter. The book was made up of original documents, photos, clippings, and honors they received throughout their lives together. One of the best parts of this project is that as I’m creating digital files, I can also add videos and audio into the folder structure, creating something that couldn’t exist solely in print form.


I also recently purchased the equipment and software that enables me to digitize VHS tapes. So far I’ve taken over 40 hours of video from long-unwatched magnetic tape to sharable digital files.


I helped a client choose from among her thousands of digital photos from a huge vacation with friends and create a book. Kinda the reverse of #scanyrpics, what I always advocate, but printing your pics is just as important when you want a lasting heirloom.


Another client wanted to learn to make a digital slideshow to celebrate her granddaughter’s second birthday! She’s savvy with her digital photos and really wanted to be able to do the workflow on her own, so we sat together for an hour a week and worked through the steps. Now she’s a pro!


I’ve been working with one family for months on the type of project I dreamed of when starting photoxo—integrating all (and I mean all) of their photo and video memories into one comprehensive digital archive accessible to the entire extended family. This includes moving gigabytes and gigabytes of born-digital photos and videos from various drives and integrating them with the images that I scanned from prints. When we finish, all the digital files will be organized, labeled, and searchable by keyword. Imagine how awesome that will be!


I was also contracted by the Centro Espanol to do some digitizing work on their substantial and important archive so they could share it with the community on their website. It is an incredible record of the history of Spanish immigrants in Tampa, and now it is available to a new audience because it exists in digital form.


All in all I digitized more than 42,000 photos, slides, negatives, documents, and videos during 2015! Dizzying, even to me.


Oh, and on top of that I also published my book More Storage, More Problems: Easy steps to manage your flood of digital photos on Amazon, iTunes, and other stores (yes, it is free, no catch), and created a short (also free) video course, Photo Archiving 101, with instructions you can follow to start preserving your family photos today! I’m giving away a ton of good info. Have you checked them out yet?


My goal is to get back to blogging on the reg, so you can expect to see some cool content here twice a month. Including an update on Janie very soon. And announcements about a few other very big projects that I’ve been cooking up. Stay tuned.