Sabrina Hughes is a historian of photography and founder of photoxo (pronounced “photo-ex-oh”). Her drive comes from seeing first-hand how easily family photo memories can be irreparably damaged or lost to time. Her enthusiasm for photography from an early age took her on a university and career path based in art history and museum studies, after which Sabrina worked at the National Gallery of Art as a research intern for the international exhibition Charles Marville: Photographer of Paris, and then at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL in the curatorial department. During her tenure at the MFA, she curated four noteworthy photography exhibitions and started the organizing and digitizing process for their collection of over 20,000 historic photographs with a method she called S.O.S.—Scan, Organize, Share. Sabrina noted that her S.O.S. method could be just as easily applied to any collection of photographs and started offering the service to members of her community. With that, photoxo was born. 

Sabrina has scanned and preserved hundreds of thousands of photographs from clients across the United States and internationally. She teaches workshops and has online courses and resources for anyone who has the drive to learn the method and do it themselves—she loves to see the joy and relief that her clients experience knowing that their family photo memories are safe. Sabrina lives on the central Gulf Coast of Florida and is currently preparing her newest course.     


If you are inquiring about specific services, please visit my Services & Pricing page for my current list. If you have any other questions, please get in touch! Click here to email me (sabrina[at]photoxo[dot]net). 

xo, Sabrina