It’s funny how often when I talk about organizing a photo collection, the response is “Oh wow, I bet you’ve never seen a mess like mine!” or “That sounds so overwhelming!” Yet, within moments, I can see in their eyes that they’re thinking about the possibility of seeing many forgotten pictures again, like anticipating the visit of an old friend.

Have you been postponing the joy of seeing your favorite photos in a new light?

postponing joy


It’s a common feeling to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume and condition of our photos. If you have several generations of family pictures, plus your own, you likely have thousands! Do you have thousands of any other kind of important personal keepsake that you feel responsibility for preserving?

It may seem like the project of organizing and protecting your photos would take monthsmaybe even yearsand if you’re trying to do it on your own with goals, guidance, or advice, it probably will. Maybe you’ve started in the past but got caught up in the emotions of seeing old photos or found it impossible to impose some kind of order.

Fortunately for you, none of this is overwhelming for me. This is, in fact, exactly why I started photoxo. What would take you months on your own, I can have finished in days! 🙂 And if you prefer to learn the process with me, or do it yourself, I will help keep you on track.

Instead of ending up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, you can look forward to enjoying your photos like greeting old friends!