Photo Preservation Services & Pricing

The majority of our family photos are in albums or loose in boxes. Preserving these memories is simple and affordable.

Each of the following packages includes

  • Removing photos from harmful storage situations like adhesive-page albums
  • Scanning the photos and doing basic digital image editing
  • Returning the photos in appropriate archival storage
  • Free digital photos hosting on my private photo storage site
  • One year of free cloud backup for your entire computer via Backblaze, which would protect any digital photos stored there

Anything flat can be scanned including newspapers, journals, scrapbooks, entire pages of vintage albums, memorabilia, and items produced using historic photo processes like daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, and cabinet cards.

Up to 3 albums

If photos are loose, this would be up to 900 photos, (any size or format including slides)


Up to 6 albums

If photos are loose, this would be up to 1,800 photos, (any size or format including slides)


Up to 8 albums

If photos are loose, this would be up to 2,400 photos, (any size or format including slides)


Up to 10 albums

If photos are loose, this would be up to 3,000 photos, (any size or format including slides)


More than 10 albums

If you have more than 3,000 photos to safeguard, I’ll give you a quote based on your specific needs.

Digital Photo Organizing

If you only want to work with your digital files, I can help with that as well.

Organizing your digital photos from phones, tablets, external drives or cards, existing cloud storage (iPhoto, Google Photos, Dropbox, etc), or other social media or photo-sharing apps includes:

  • Retrieval of digital files from any and all sources you identify
  • Removing duplicates
  • Organizing into a file structure with basic identifying information and searchability
  • Free digital photos hosting on my private photo storage site

Any digital photos you have can be integrated into the archive of photos that I scan. If you want to add organizing already-digital photos into your package of scanning photos above, I will give you an inclusive quote.

Starting at

Up to 3 source locations

(ex., three 250 GB external hard drives OR one iPhoto account, one computer, one external hard drive)


More than 3 source locations

If you have more than 3 source locations (or one or more very large external hard drives), I’ll issue you a custom quote after an assessment.

À la Carte Services & Add-Ons

Not sure what format you’re looking at? Snap a pic and text or email it to me.

Digitize fewer than 300 photos

If you just have a few photos that you want digitized, this is the option for you. In one hour I can digitize 70 photos, any size, any format.


Digitize 8mm film reel (3″ reel)

(for other reel sizes, please inquire)


Digitize VHS tape (standard or VHS-C)


Transfer DVDs/miniDVD to digital file


Digitize audio cassette tape


Transfer photos on CD to digital files


Digitize MiniDV Cassette


Digitize Slides in a Carousel or Tray

(for quote on a quantity of loose slides, please inquire)


* Bulk/quantity discounts may apply. You may also receive a discount on these items if they are added on to one of the album packages above.

Other Services

Some projects are created by combining some of the services on this list. These are also ways to integrate your newly-digitized heirloom photos into your life in a meaningful way, or to make gifts that they’ll treasure forever. Tell me what you’d like to end up with and we’ll work together on a quote.

Custom photo books

From $100

Digital photo slideshow

From $150

Digital repair of a damaged photo

Click here for a gallery of photo repairs I’ve performed

From $65

Custom printing and framing

From $100

For Institutions and Organizations

The services listed on this page are for individual/family archiving work, however I am also available to create image and document archives for small organizational clients. Contact me to discuss the needs and scope of your project.

See examples below

And beyond

If you’ve read About Me, you’ll see that I have a range of skills beyond creating physical and digital photo archives including curating photography exhibitions, guest lecturing on any number of topics from the History of Photography to proper care for your family photos or teaching a course or workshop at your university or museum.

Something else? Let’s chat.