If you think that digitizing and organizing your thousands of photos is not worth the effort, or is too complicated, you’re not the first.

It is a lot of work. Each of us has many thousands of photos in our possession, whether printed or on our devices.

It is complicated. There are numerous steps to bringing your photos from chaos to completion.

And, I promise you that it is worth the effort.


Here are the only three steps necessary to having a photo collection updated for the 21st century and beyond:

1. Decide that you’re ready to embark on this exciting, emotional, fun, and fulfilling project! Don’t think about any hows, just imagine reliving the happiest bits of your life (that is when we take photos, right?). Imagine feeling the joy of seeing beloved relatives, of seeing your children or grandchildren newly born. Or your first trip that made you crave a life full of travel and rich experiences. Just think about how much fun it would be to see pictures you haven’t viewed in years (decades?!).

2. Locate your photos. Are they on shelves? In albums? In frames? In carousels? Loose in boxes? In the garage? In the attic? At your parents house? How about home movies—VHS, Super 8? Just make a list, they can be retrieved later.

3. Call or email me.

That’s it! If you want, that is literally all of the effort you have to put in!

See—I told you not to let the hows get in the way—working through the hows are my job.

If you want the results without having to do any more work, then just turn it all over to me. Seriously. This is why my business exists, because the prospects can be overwhelming for you. They are not overwhelming for me because I have done this for dozens of clients.

Now, you might be saying, I’d really like to be involved, maybe do the whole project myself.


Before you commit to that, answer these questions honestly: Have you tried this before? Did you complete the project? At what point did you stop? Did you get overwhelmed by the scale of everything? Did you start to feel like it was all too complicated? Not worth the effort?

Is backing up to step one above a more realistic solution to get your photos in your life? If you’ve tried in the past and thinking about the project still gives you overwhelm, then I recommend letting me do it for you. This should all give you warm fuzzy feelings, not anxiety or stress.

Do you still want to do the project yourself?

If so, then you may be the ideal student for my new online course Disaster to Done: Organizing your photos for now and the future. Disaster to Done walks you through every single step I take with my clients from start to finish, enabling you to go from a disastrous family archive to one that is organized, digitized, and accessible in the ways we now engage with photos.

You may want to do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. Disaster to Done is now enrolling. Click here or on the image above to view the curriculum and claim your seat.