The prof. I’m assisting has finally (probably after seeing the results of the mid-term) acknowledged that his class is not succeeding. Yesterday only 20 (out of about 30) students showed up, and after the break only 12 returned to class. He emailed me today to tell me that he has requested a consultation from the education department.There...

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This semester’s TA assignment has been frustrating beyond all belief. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing all of the important professorial duties outside of the classroom. For instance, Professor decided to have the mid-term later than most other classes. Of course the students were happy to be able to put it off, but now he and I are in...

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communism doesn’t work in the classroom

I’ve decided to take a Rand-ian stance to the blog project that my professor has got us working on. I’m trying to walk the thin line between being cooperative and maintaining my own original ideas and research.In class last week, Professor told us that he wanted us to try and write with a collective voice, meaning that we would all...

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