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Worth A Thousand Words is an online video-based course that will teach you impactful techniques used by museum curators for creating story-telling projects like photo books, photo videos, and gallery walls. 

There are over 3 hours of video instruction in Worth A Thousand Words—both advice and screen-recorded demonstrations. 

When you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to the videos. Watch them as many times as you like from any computer, phone, or tablet. 

This short video will introduce you to me, to what I’ll teach you in Worth A Thousand Words, and to what exciting projects you can create after your instruction. 

I’ll teach you to make compelling and touching

photo-based heirloom projects like those I make for my clients.

“Sabrina put together a beautiful memory album for us of our years at our cottage which we have since sold.  

Hundreds of pictures later taken over a 25 year span, Sabrina was able to pull out the pictures she felt had the most meaning, not only to my husband and I, but our daughters as well.  

The album itself was finely made, each a different colour, and filled with the greatest memories. Thank you Sabrina. Your eye to detail and understanding the human psyche in putting these books together is amazing.”