I’m delighted to announce an update that I’m so excited about. I’ve launched a Patreon page!

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a crowdsourcing site where creators of all types engage with patrons who are fans of their work. The patronage model has a long history in the arts and enables creators to pursue projects that otherwise may not have been made (the Sistine Chapel ceiling, for instance!)

Why are you making a Patreon page?
You know I’m a historian of photography. I love doing small research projects and am still very engaged in reading scholarship in my field.

You also know that I have a business which I promote on this email list. 

I’ve decided that these two things are working at cross-purposes on my website. For clients looking for my services, the blogs about photo history might not help them understand how I can help them. And people who love reading photo history (which I know applies to many of you) may not want to receive special news and updates about the business.

So my Patreon page is where I’ll post all future photo history writing, and I have got a lot in the queue. 

Why should I become a Patron?
Only you can decide if you’d like to be one of my patrons. I would love you to join me there! For a pledge of only $1 per month, you will be showing me that you want to see more the types of photo essays I plan to write more of. 

Patreon isn’t about me making $12/year from you. Rather it’s a way that you can get access to more of what you like, and to have more interaction with me on the level of things that I get REALLY excited to talk about (believe it or not I don’t love writing posts about how to back things up from Facebook 🙂

Like NPR, I’m going to be writing these photo history essays with or without a pledge. If you don’t want to become a Patron right now, you’ll still receive my past essays and some new ones via email. And you can always join me on Patreon at any time. 

I hope to see you on Patreon! There’s already some exclusive content loaded up.


PS: If you’re looking for posts that used to be here on the blog, they’re now distributed as part of the Year of Positive Mementos. You’ll get all of those plus some new content as well—two emails from me per week for 1 year! Click here to opt in