My clients often ask me if there’s a way to narrow down the field of photos they need to keep or if there are ever any photos they are allowed to discard. Your immediate emotional response to a photo is the clue that it has a story worth telling.

If you haven’t looked through your albums or slide carousels in a while, you’re thinking about the emotional response you had to the photos AT THE TIME YOU MADE THEM, which was probably pretty strong.

As time passes, though, you’ll see that some photos keep their emotional staying power while others fade.

Some photos, particularly those of people, seem to accumulate meaning over the years, becoming even more precious (people, after all, change and come in and our of our lives unexpectedly).

Others, maybe those of landscapes, or city scenes for instance, may seem less important to us 30 years after that lovely vacation.

It’s ok to let go of the photos that don’t create an emotional response!