I’ve become really interested in old human rituals and myths lately. In my personal history, in my childhood my family did not keep any of the typical traditions we are accustomed to–holidays, vacationing in the same place year after year, or even birthday cake. 

I feel that my hunger for this connection to the thousands of generations that came before me is very personal and strong. The traditions and rituals we observe in 2019 didn’t arise fully formed in any of our lifetimes. They are very old and connect us through repetition and stories to all of humanity.


My relationship to rituals and myths may be particularly odd, but I know I’m not alone in craving connection to the tapestry of humanity.


We all live in a mythological and ritual void. We all hunger for myths and stories. Our family stories through, you guessed it, our family photos can lead us back to this world where stories passed on generational wisdom and connection.