Here we are in the middle of hurricane season again. If disaster strikes, will your family memories be safe?  

Every year I use hurricane season as a way to launch an awareness campaign about the benefits of digitizing your family photographs to prevent their loss to a disaster. My business exists to help you keep your family photographs safe for future generations.

Photography has existed for 175 years. That’s about five or six generations of pictures, and we are creating more all the time. Nearly everyone has a photography collection, though you may not think of it in that manner. We are all stewards and caretakers of our thousands of photos in boxes, bags, albums, envelopes, frames, files, slide carousels and digital image folders. I want to help you get the most enjoyment possible out of your photographs by digitizing them so you can easily relive their favorite memories every day.

Digitizing photos is like insurance for irreplaceable pictures. We’ve all seen the devastating effects of super storms that level neighborhoods and even cities. Sometimes we leave everything behind to evacuate from the storm’s path. Others of us face different destructive forces. Families can lose everything in an instant, like in Joplin, or Japan after the tsunami. It happens literally every day in localized fires and household floods. Many have nothing left in the aftermath of irreparable destruction.

There is no amount of insurance money that will restore lost photographs. People who have lost everything in disasters are lucky to have even one meaningful photo left. If you think it won’t happen to you, I’m sorry to say that the odds are not in your favor. Our photographs are extraordinarily fragile. They are damaged by heat, damp, fire, water, smoke, dirt, time, light.

For the first time ever, the loss of precious memories is preventable and affordable. Fortunately, digitizing photographs is a way to prevent total loss of a family’s photo memories. Once pictures are scanned and backed up to private cloud storage, they will not be permanently destroyed and can be accessed even if the computer is damaged.

I’ve seen the myriad ways that photographs are part of our lives, and how important they are for our families and our culture in general. I’ve also personally experienced how quickly they can be lost—literally in the blink of an eye. My motivation for creating this service comes in part from the accidental loss of a large portion of her own family photo archive. I care about the experiences recorded by your photographs and I want to help you preserve them for the future. Digitize and back up before disaster strikes.