Recently I was contacted by someone who was in the process of moving from her long-time home to an assisted living facility. She said she had 15 slide carousels from several trips to Kenya that she wouldn’t have space for in the new apartment. She didn’t use a computer, didn’t want prints made, and didn’t have any aims to pass them on to any family members.

She asked if I would like to look at them. All she wanted was that someone else enjoy them. So of course I enthusiastically took them in.

We chatted a little about the trips. Doris had worked as a school teacher and one year she spent her summer break in Kenya. After that, she went back for the next several years in a row. Her visits to Kenya occurred not too long after the country had won its independence from Great Britain and Jomo Kenyatta became Kenya’s first president. Over the years that she traveled there, she saw significant changes, which is part of what kept drawing her back.

From the photos it looks like Doris traveled alone, though she seemed to have the same guide on at least a few visits—he’s in several photos with her and when it’s her alone in the shot, he was the photographer. As I expected, most of Doris’ photographic interests were the wildlife. There are a few of those below, but they were not the most interesting pictures of the lot. Naturally I prefer to look at the images that show something about the place or time.

This is the second post of two. Click on any image to see a larger version. Thank you Doris!