Here are some simple (and inexpensive) handmade photo projects that would make great gifts! You have plenty of time to try these out before the holidays! Links to these and more are on my Pinterest board Picture Your Life

1. Embroidery embellishments

This is much simpler than the cross-stitch photographs I have done in the past. If you can handle a needle and thread, you could whip out a few of these in an afternoon!


2. Magnetic dress up

I love love love this idea. Use all the free photo booth printables out there to make a magnetic dress-up game!


3. Photos on glass

This is a great way to make a store-bought gift special.


4. Photos on wood

An alternative to framing your photos – mount them on a wood backing.


(alternate method here)

5. Silhouette portraits

These are super simple and will make a great decorative element!


6. Statement Lamps (please please please don’t use your original negatives!)

Copy your negatives onto transparency before you try this one!


7. Memory Map

So perfect for travelers!


8. Cool clock…, really!

See, I told you it was cool!


9. Photo tray


10. Gift Tags

I’m a fan of using copies of vintage photos for gift tags….or use a picture of the person receiving the gift!

via (there are other great ideas in this magazine as well)