It’s been a busy semester with lots of adjustments in terms of time management. But, wow, did I get a lot done!

The street scene is *still* in progress. I’m so close to finishing it, yet other project ideas have pushed it to the back of the hopper. I would like to finish it within the next week or so to find a show for it.

I’ve started a massive project involving the Y2K image. I may be crazy for attempting what I’ve got planned. But if I can finish it, it will be superb.

I’ve also been arranging trades with my artist friends for the little tiles that make up the piece that was shown at ArtPrize. Next to the full image is an example of how they look individually framed. I like them that way so much better than all together.

The piece with text is something that a friend mentioned offhand that I said I could make. I usually don’t go in for the ironic needlepoint text pieces, but I actually like the way this pattern has turned out – it’s both sweet and funny, with the tiniest wisp of vulgarity. The background is based on a (much more genteel) pattern designed by Katherine Martin Tripp who offers many free patterns on her website.

Below that is something I started (finished?) based on a postage stamp. Lately I’ve been drawn to internet ephemera as source images – an endless supply of really great images. I’m still on the fence as to whether it needs a background or not. If not, the work is finished. If I go with the background, I’m looking at probably another 8 to 10 hours of work (on a tiny 3″ square needlepoint). Below the two girls are two other stamps that I’d like to do next. All three of these are to be submitted to an upcoming exhibition in Brooklyn.