Call for proposals for our upcoming exhibition of artist-designed mini golf courses, Conceptual Distraction, April 26-30, 2010.

Email the information below to puttplug[at] by midnight January 18.


– A brief written description of your proposed hole including theme, materials, obstacles, traps, etc.

– Images of proposed work, including preliminary drawings or renderings with construction notes. As a guideline, your hole should occupy about 40 square feet in any shape or configuration.

– Please make it clear If you require a particular location or special equipment (for instance, near an electrical socket, or near a wall that you intend to incorporate into your design).

Things to remember:
– Golf holes must be constructed in a modular fashion to allow for easy assembly and transportation. We have no structural requirements, but remember: people will be walking on your construction, and the ball has to fall into a hole.

– There are no restrictions on materials or difficulty.

– If accepted, you will be asked to provide a putter to accompany your hole. This can be handmade from any material, themed to match your hole, or acquired second hand. Keeping the putter with the hole will reduce the overall number needed, so please budget accordingly.

– We will provide golf balls, scorecards, tee-off pads, and pencils. We’ll probably buy extra golf balls if anyone wants to customize one for display (especially if we don’t have any other ideas for the walls) or sale. If you want your hole to have a custom golf ball as well, feel free.

– If accepted, you must be available for a group planning meeting (date and time TBD) and to install the show in Tampa on the weekend of April 24 and 25 and to strike on May 1.

See our event on Facebook for links to other artist-designed courses for inspiration.