CC New RatingCoconut Creek Family Fun Park
9807 Front Beach Rd
Panama City Bch, FL 32407
(850) 234-2625
One Round of Golf: $10.99, Children under 6 play for free.
Unlimited Mini-Golf and Maze Special: $25.00
Visit the Coconut Creek Website for coupons:

Located in Panama City Beach, Coconut Creek Family Fun Park consists of two 18 hole “adventure” style mini golf courses and a large plastic maze that your entire family could get lost in if you felt the $10.99 per person price was worth it.

At first glance, Coconut Creek is an attractive park. It’s big, immaculately clean, beautifully landscaped with lush flowering plants, fountains and waterfalls, and features large animal statues perfectly placed for countless family vacation safari photos. If you’ve ever wanted a picture of you and your grandparents posing between the legs of a family of giraffes and don’t want the hassle of finding a live giraffe family willing to let you do this – Coconut Creek is an ideal place for you.

On the other hand, if you want a challenging, worthwhile game of mini-golf in an exciting environment, you might be slightly disappointed. While the course is large and seems exciting from the road, it is sort of expensive with no second-round deals, unless you count the $25 dollar unlimited mini-golf and maze package, which we weren’t really interested in – especially after playing though the first course which turned out to be somewhat boring.

Overall we felt that Coconut Creek was a bit too safe in terms of theme and gameplay. The theming was Safari-lite, and the game play was overly simplified. The animals were nothing more than giant garden statues. We wonder how cool could it have been if a Jungle Cruise style mechanical hippopotamus randomly emerged from some of the pristine artificial ponds? Is it too much to ask for a pride of lions gnawing on a zebra carcass just to spice things up a bit? As for the gameplay, the course consisted of fairly simple straight shot holes and surprisingly small greens with few tricks or surprises. The only thing that would make them easier would be if Coconut Creek provided Smugglers Cove-like instruction plaques at the beginning of each hole. Hole 17 was the most elaborate on the course featuring a multi-level green that will take your ball straight to the hole in one or two shots if gravity works out in your favor.

If anything the most exciting part of this park for us was the walk between holes where one might have to climb a set of stone stairs, walk past a statue of a gorilla, or underneath a waterfall. If you’re tired, waiting because the next hole is backed up, or just playing at a leisurely critical pace and taking notes on a tiny clipboard, there are several places to relax and soak up the constructed scenery. We noticed that there were a number of grandparents expressing their appreciation for these frequent rest areas.

There’s really not much else to say about Coconut Creek. It seemed to be serving its purpose and making a lot of money doing so. We observed a lot of families enjoying the park, cheering with excitement whenever they got a hole in one, and posing with the passive sparsely placed animal statues. We have come to the conclusion that the simple game play seems to be par for family entertainment facilities like this one. After considering how much it would cost to bring a family of four to Coconut Creek, we can understand how it might be rewarding for the keeper of the family wallet to leave feeling somewhat victorious if they can at least walk out with a winning score.

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