Here is the thunderbird project with 19 colors completed. I can’t wait until this one is done.

I decided, however, not to enter this into the “Wish You Were Here” show like I had planned. I’m increasingly reluctant to send it through the mail, just as I knew I would be. Also, I found another exhibition that I’d like to enter with the same deadline as the postcard show, and I don’t have time to finish both this and the one I’d like to enter:

This is a project I started in the late spring. It’s much larger than I usually work: 8 in. x 12 in. on 14 count fabric in 100 colors. I’m not sure why I made this pattern so large – it’s too big to fit on the bed of our scanner, so documentation will continue to be less than ideal. As shown, this is 9 colors finished.

I still want to enter the postcard show, though, because I think it’s a great idea. So I found some topographic maps of the Grand Canyon (more on that later!) and made a new pattern (more on that later too!) that will be much more quickly completed. This is the image on which the needlepoint will be based (click here to see the uncropped full map):


At 4 in. x 6 in. on 14 count fabric, it loses most detail and becomes rather abstract – if that map isn’t abstract enough. It only has 30 threads, so I think I can probably finish it up in a week. I don’t think I’ll have any heartbreak at mailing this one and I can’t wait to see how this experiment turns out. I’ve recently fallen in love with the look of topographic/contour maps.