The current issue of The Art Bulletin has an essay about cross-stitch work made by Dada artists.  The full bibliographic citation is below.

From about 1916 to 1918, Sophie Taeuber and Hans Arp collaborated on a set of closely related works—cross-stitch embroideries, collages, and sketches. Radically abstract, these vertical-horizontal compositions epitomize Zurich Dadaism’s attempt to transform society by undermining bourgeois conventions—except they were not made public. An examination of the differences between Taeuber’s and Arp’s public and private identities reveals why they kept their most “advanced” work to themselves. It was only in private that they could develop a model of equal relations between a man and a woman that eliminated the hierarchical divisions between the arts and their gendered makers.

Bibiana Obler. “Taeuber, Arp, and the Politics of Cross-Stitch.”  The Art Bulletin 91 no. 2 (June 2009): 207