Artist/product designer Demelza Hill created this disposable plastic cutlery set.

From her website (

Snap and Dine is a single use three-course table setting that integrates disposable cutlery with traditional silverware. The portable lunch setting expands the possibilities of eating outdoors in style whilst reinforcing the correct use of cutlery, which has been lost over time. This is achieved through the decorative qualities and formal setting which both are a visual reference to fine dinning. This product is fun and interactive whilst raising the standards of current eating on the go habits.

Okay, but isn’t this also just reinforcing the current disposable lifestyle even more? Should we be eating our fast food off of fancy bourgeois plastic plates with visually pleasing, but environmentally harmful cutlery. And to have three plastic forks to have to throw away?? All to “[reinforce] the correct use of cutlery”? How D.A.R.!

Is this ironic or a bad joke? Wouldn’t a beautiful set cutlery that is clearly designed to be reused and carried with you (maybe along the lines of camp cutlery, but pretty) be both more appealing and more in line with some of Hill’s other designs like the recycled shot-glass chandelier, knitted plastic bags, or pulp paper chairs?