After being relatively sure this entire semester about what I was interested in for my thesis proposal in the spring, I think I’m going to change it. After one of my colleagues was told in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t ready to propose, it made me think seriously about the kind of information of which I already should have a good knowledge, and iI don’t feel like I can acquire that knowledge in the short upcoming months.

I’m considering expanding on my current paper topic for my 19th century art class, and I don’t feel like I would be sacrificing anything if I did that. My topic is very interesting, and seems to have a lot of aspects that could be expanded; it would be dealing with some of the same issues that I would have been anyway, just gaining a historical footing instead of how those things occur in art that is being made today. And (maybe most importantly) I know who would be on my thesis committee, and they’re all people with whom I want to be able to work closely. I may be able to find a geography professor also.

After the research I’ve done for this paper, and how much more could still be done, I’m concerned about having the time to develop something that isn’t building on something that I’ve already researched for class. I’m going to talk with my 19th century professor about it next week to find out if she thinks it’s a viable subject.