I’m going anonymous…at least for a little while. One of my class projects is going to involve a blog, and I don’t necessarily want people that I know to stumble across this yet. My professor asked in class last night if anyone blogged, and I did not fess up. It’s less embarrassment (I don’t use this for passive/aggressive venting purposes) and more just the fact that I am a private person at heart, and don’t know if I want acquaintances reading this yet. My ultimate purpose in keeping a blog is to hopefully be able to flesh out ideas as I write (I know, there’s been very little of that so far…)

Also, there’s the issue of intellectual property. I’ve already had the problem crop up a couple of times with people close to me, and I don’t want to have to deal with it at this formative stage of my research.

If I end up using this blog as I really want to, my identity will be public at some point in the future.