I was just updating my list of books on LibraryThing and I reached my free-account limit of 200 books. Now the dilemma: do I pay the $25 for a lifetime account? Is this a service I need?

Sometimes it seems like a valuable tool (especially since I have an associative memory and can often remember what a book looked like before I remember the title), and I do like updating it not only with books that I own, but also with books that I’ve read (borrowed from friends or the library).

I suppose it could come in handy if I can keep it updated with what books I’ve loaned out to whom, books that I’ve lost over the years that I’d like to acquire again. Or if the unthinkable happened and I lost them all in a fire or hurricane, I’d at least know what I’d lost.

I also really like the way that it, combined with BookMooch, can help me find books that I want and add newly mooched books to my library…but ultimately it becomes another social network, and another profile/set of data to keep up with.

This requires some consideration…