I’ve had my MacBook for about 9 months; I’ve had some problems, but I’m sure not as many as others have.

About one month after I got it, the computer froze and the hard drive stopped spinning. I held down the power button, and after it shut down I couldn’t restart it. Turns out it was a bad motherboard and processor. I got it back in the mail about three weeks later, as good as new.

All was going fine until about two months ago when it started randomly shutting down. After doing a little research, I found out that this was not an isolated problem. The first step recommended was to do a firmware update, which luckily solved the problem without having to send it away for a new logic board (late spring with three research papers looming is not the time to send away your computer).

Other strange things have been happening with my internet browsers. One day I opened Firefox to find that my default font had been changed from whatever Ariel family I had to an obnoxiously illegible font. After deleting and reinstalling Firefox, I finally realized that I would have to go through Font Book to find and remove the offending family (Linkin). I thought that solved the problem, but last week, I shut down my computer because it was running slow, and when I restarted, there was another horrible font in my browser (this time it was Jungle Life). I went through the same search and destroy in Font Book, and it seemed okay.

Two days ago I downloaded necessary software updates, rebooted my computer, and it happened again – Linkin was back even though I removed the font and emptied the trash. I found it, removed it, refreshed the browser, and it switched to Jungle Life again. Found that one, removed it, refreshed the browser, and so far so good. I thought perhaps it was just a Firefox issue, but during the most recent incident, I checked Camino and Safari and both of them were running the bad fonts too.